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From a conversation with a fellow practitioner...

Last night class we got into my Sambhogakaya theory, which is that when you attain it a loop closes and you awaken in your deity body it’s generally presented is that on the 10th Bhumi you generate this Sambhogakaya. But you have the same sense that I do on this with what you said about Garab Dorje. He is already that Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya Samantabhadra. I would not be surprised if most of us already exist at the Sambhogakaya plane.

Did I tell you about my experience of consciousness transference into a deity?

In one of my OBEs a thangka of Tara appeared in my bedroom and I flew through it It seems like certain pure lands are actually the dreams of inner landscapes of certain deities. I know by orthodox teachings this is wrong view but I really got the sense of this Tara is not just an intelligence, but is also an entire dimension. When I appeared in the mind of a deity its mind's eye was like a super information highway of light. 

We experience one thought at a time, but this deity was able to processes hundreds of thousands of thoughts simultaneously. These thoughts appeared as windows into other realities in which this deity existed in. It was somehow nowhere but everywhere. These windows appeared in its mind a massive swirling vortex of these windows

Similar to this, but 3D and imagine every Angel was a window to another world or reality in which the deity existed. Deity consciousness is completely different from human configuration. It is literally inconceivable and incomprehensible to the human consciousness operating system. I only experienced a sliver of it during that consciousness transfer OBE.


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