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Introduction to Higher Self Yoga - Part 1

In this talk we’ll go over my motivations for this particular series.  Earlier this year we explored out of body experience and lucid dreaming as paths to direct revelation and spiritual insight.  We’ll be using the tools we picked up and refined earlier this year, but the difference now is that we’ll be more focused and intentional about the direction of our efforts.  I’ve been having lucid dreams and out of body experiences (OBE) since I was 17.  I’m 31 now so over the last 14 years I’ve had hundreds of lucid dreams and OBEs.  It was only 5 years ago that I began to have a certain kind of dream which would trigger lucidity or an out of body projection.  These dreams are known as “simulations.”  My first recollection of one was in 2018 during a 9 month retreat in Thailand.  

I had noticed that whatever was unfolding in the dream would repeat itself as if someone were pressing a rewind button.  My first recollection of this was during a dream of being in a dimly lit underground parking garage.  Before me stood a small demon, scary looking fellow.  The demon ran towards me and I began wrestling with it, then suddenly I would appear back where I was only a few moments before with the demon in front of me again.  It ran towards me and this time I radiated loving-kindness towards it, which resulted in it latching onto me.  The dream restarted/rewinded again. I opened my mouth extremely wide and ate the demon.  The simulation ended and I became totally lucid.  The parking garage became illuminated and a screen appeared like the kind that get rolled around in hospital bedrooms.  I approached the screen and it said the following words “If you cannot accept yourself as you are, you will never really be happy.  The voice of childhood which tells you you could do great things is never lost.  It is only muffled by the voices of others and the world.”  The transmission ended and I woke up from the dream.  

Around 2020 I discovered Robert Monroe’s Journeys trilogy.  I can’t believe after 10 years of OBE I still had not read this classic.  In Monroe’s second book "Far Journeys" he begins to experience these “simulation” OBE's similar to what I described.  I was blown away. The dream or out of body experience will restart or repeat until you illicit a specific response. I’d never heard this described anywhere else.  I finished the journeys trilogy within a few days.  As I’ve told many of you before, it is single handedly the greatest spiritual autobiography ever written.  In Robert's 3rd book he finally begins to wonder “what is driving the OBE state?”  He finally questions "what is it that is under the hood here?"  So I began to ask myself the same question.  Everyone talks about Guidance, but what is it?  The screen in the simulation lucid dream was speaking to me and teaching me, but where is that voice coming from?  We hear this whisper at critical times in our lives or we have this unexplainable calling to move in a certain direction.  Where does that come from? 

I’ve found that it comes from us.  It comes from you, but a deeper level of you.  Some call this level of you the Higher Self.  Bob called it the Total Self, since he didn’t feel the term Soul was exactly fitting.  During an OBE a few months after reading Bob’s trilogy, I stated the command “Higher Self Now” and appeared in what seemed like a command center of a spaceship except there weren’t any windows.  I thought to myself “where the hell am I?”  Before me was a large screen and an invisible presence.  I could sense someone was there, but I wasn’t able to see them visibly.  I approached the screen and said “what is this?”  The screen said “welcome to the mainframe” and communicated with me telepathically.  It began some kind of biometric scan and was reading my thoughts.  I began to feel uneasy and said to myself “this can’t be real.”  My uneasiness turned into total panic and the holographic screen said “incarnate is alarmed.”  I began shouting “WHAT THE $%^& IS THIS? THIS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE!.”  Click like pulling a TV power cord out the wall all my perceptions shut off and I woke up in my body on the couch.  

This was the beginning of my exploration of an inner reality.  It seems there is an inner structure, an architecture that is the Soul.  This may appear differently depending on cultural background, religious affiliation and time period which the individual is born is.  I can say without a doubt that there are many planes/levels of “you” and you are much more than just a physical body.  I have discovered that inside the mainframe are many different rooms— areas in consciousness.  In one “room” is a multitude of screens.  I call this place the life personalties matrix.  Here past, present, and future incarnations appeared on screens of first person points of view and also on 1x1in sized screens in the form of a kidney shaped device the size of a hand.  From this place you are able to put your attention on any screen and appear in the body of one of your incarnates, looking through their eyes.  This higher self mainframe is outside of linear time.  So from this vantage point all your incarnations are simultaneous.  

Part 2

I eventually discovered through the "higher self now" command while out of body that inside the core of this higher self mainframe is/are the intelligence(s) which had been speaking to me through the simulation dreams, OBEs and even experiences in waking life.  Earlier this year we did about 2 months of highly focused OBE work.  I must’ve done 2-3 attempts every week.  A couple weeks after this period of heightened focus I had the strangest dream.  In the dream I was calling an old boss for help.  When I picked up the phone a call came in interrupting the boss conversation.  My consciousness and the dreamscape then split into two simultaneous dream realities.  In one reality I was on the receiving end of a phone call while in the other reality I was completely lucid as the sender.  

The other reality consisted of a collective consciousness made up of several beings seated around a table inside the mainframe.  I call these beings “operators” they are managers or guides of my simultaneous incarnations.  They proceeded to say— I as them said to the I on the phone in the dreamscape, the following “If you live accordingly to the plan you/we designed, your life will be full of happiness and joy.  If you do not live according to the plan you/we designed your life will be full of suffering and misery.  Suffering is by design, to move you back toward your original plan.  We love you.  We are always here for you.  Goodbye.” 

This was direct revelation.  This was the culmination of 14 years of out of body experience, meditation and spiritual awakening.  All the planes of consciousness you experience are You.  There is a reality between the formless higher self and the form based inner planes.  That reality is what I call the mainframe.  The higher self beyond form is typically described as cosmic consciousness or an intelligent and loving sphere of light.  I have experienced it as both.  

This knowledge did not come to me in a book although many books acted as guides along the way.  Guidance brought me to them.  Your higher self is waiting for you to discover more of what you are.  It is the Master of your life.  It is YOU on a higher plane of existence.  When you are there, you are able to see yourself in this reality here.  I have been an explorer of consciousness for nearly half my life now.  I’ve had many different kinds of awakening and progressively deeper understanding of what I am (essence) and what I’m supposed to do (function).

My hope is that in this series over the next 5 weeks that you’ll find out more of what you are and more of what you were born to do.  An invitation on an inner journey into your essence and purpose is the best of what I can leave all of you with.  I don’t have any answers for you.  The answers are within your own self.  I dedicated my life to this journey to discover what I am and what my purpose is.  It wasn’t easy.  It required much sacrifice.  There is still more discover.  Blissfully more to discover as I still have more questions.  Does the higher self have a higher self?  If so where did that come from?  Is there a dimension called Nirvana?  Does an enlightenment body exist there?  How did this all begin?  Where does it all end?  

Whatever the books say I am unsatisfied with.  I don’t care if the Vedas or the Buddha talked about world cycles and 31 planes of existence.  These teachings must become experiential.  So far out of body experience, meditation, awakening, lucid dreaming and shamanic consciousness have been the path to the answers of these questions.  Although the definitive nature of any answer or any experience is neither final nor verifiable, this is the furthest extent to which my consciousness has been able to expand and discover.  

These next few weeks we will explore the nature of Guidance through Focus 12, a Hemi-sync track designed by Robert Monroe in which you can ask questions directly to Guidance by creating an access point for receiving information.  Here you can interact with and experience the Higher Self.  We’ll be using our imaginations, intuition, dreams, meditations and out of body experiences to deepen our direct contact with Higher Self. As the series progresses we’ll also explore Higher Self from the perspectives of Theosophy, Edgar Cayce, Master Choa Kok Sui & more.  These lessons will be created and provided outside our practice sessions.

During this series we will meet twice a week to do Focus 12, ask questions and share our experiences.  By meeting this frequently we’ll be able to keep the fire burning for this period of discovery.  Along with this video and on this playlist will be recaps of the different aspects of Focus 10 and also how to use Focus 12.  


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