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1:1 Coaching

Awakening is possible not just as a temporary experience, but as a permanent and radical transformation in one's life and reality.  Instructions and guidance can save meditators years, even decades of difficulties in practice.  In meditation coaching we emphasize the natural unfolding of the phases and stages of the spiritual path.  For more information about one-on-one coaching fill out the form below. 


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Ryan is someone that I instantly felt connected to while listening to his Podcast.  His humble yet curious approach to interviewing people allows them to open up so their message can flow seamlessly and come across clearly.  Experiences, secrets and insights are shared that I haven’t heard elsewhere.  He makes complex talks on awakening and non-dualism easy to understand, and leads meditations that make me want to come back forever.  It’s been a beautiful blessing to know Ryan. The rough waters of my spiritual journey become still by his guidance… the winding road has become more straight.  Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to him for his time, dedication, and for the discoveries I have made about myself because of the questions he asks and the wisdom he openly shares.  He’s had a positive and tremendous impact on my path.  Thank you, Ryan. 


Ryan is by far the best meditation teacher I've ever had. In fact he's the best spiritual teacher I've ever had! The realizations I've gained from him, I never received in 25 years of a dedicated spiritual search. All those practices and all of that searching never added up to the core, foundational experience of presence he taught me to recognize.  Somehow this charming, non-judgemental, 29 year old, millennial has taught me to see something so powerful yet so subtle, that somehow evaded all of my previous searching.  Ryan taught me how to recognize and abide in my essential nature, awareness of awareness itself, I-AM-ness, Rigpa, Me. I now can recognize and stabilize this awareness, this beingness, outside of meditation, in my day to day life. And it has transformed me. It is my essence, which somehow escaped me all these years. It's Me! In fact it never even occurred to me to look for it, because I never knew it was so accessible. I thought it was in some far off deep place, when really it was in front of my face all along. I have become my own refuge as the Buddha advises. I finally feel like I have taken the first step on my path to liberation. I am forever grateful to Ryan.


The first meditation class I attended with Ryan changed my perception of meditation.  Within the first 20 minutes he taught me how to recognize Background and Foreground Awareness and step into it.  When you know the way, you just walk the steps. This changed everything.  Ryan as my meditation teacher has transformed meditation from a static practice to this beautiful adventure, I get to go on with and to Self.  I learned not to get distracted by the various phenomena and all the ‘candy’ the Mind throws at me, while sitting with him and learning from him has opened my awareness and heart to allow myself to step into the intimate space of Meditation.  He has become an anchor and guiding light in moments truly needed to get through the darkness of the Shadow.  He has brought a golden thread into my awareness, which I am forever grateful for.

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