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AwakENING & meditation

Tens of thousands of different meditation methods exist.  The types most people are familiar with are, for example, mantra practice, visualization, and mindfulness.  Each specific form of practice has specific effects on the consciousness, energy body and development of the practitioner.



After years of seeking and searching an effortless wakefulness and dissolution of self occurs.  The path, meditation, and spirituality altogether begin to rapidly change.  Suddenly, without a seeker or sense of self, luminous mind remains without obstruction.  It becomes clear the source of happiness is within the body radiating from a center of illumination.  This work and collection of experiences is dedicated to all beings. 


Ryan is a meditation teacher with over a decade of experience in a variety of Buddhist and non-dual traditions. In his early 20’s he traveled throughout Southeast Asia and China seeking spiritual knowledge.  He lives and teaches in Los Angeles, California.



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